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Open Channel Flowmeter UVH-2000 

Doppler Technology For Sewage, Wastewater or Industrial Effluents. 
Accurate and stable flow measurements for open channels with Ultrasonic Pulse Doppler technology. The UVH-2000 measures velocity of flow which contain fine particles or slurries such as sewage and wastew

the UVH-2000 flowmeter incorporates a velocity meter and level gauge to measure flows through pipes or open channels with free water surfaces of sewage, wastewater, industrial and other effluents containing fine particles, sludge or fine bubbles.
The UVH-2000 velocity meter employs Pulse Doppler technology, which provides flow velocities at multi-points on the ultrasound beam and an ultrasonic level gauge, which provides non-contact liquid level measurement.
The UVH-2000 is suitable for applications such as maintenance and flow management of industrial effluents, public utilities, sewage plants and sewage systems.

Đồng hồ đo lưu lượng nước thải kênh hở


Measurement Method Flow velocity: Ultrasonic Pulse Doppler
Fluid level: Ultrasonic Pulse Transit Time
Fluids Sewage, waste water, Industrial Effluents, or other Fluids with suspended matters Fluids or small bubbles which reflect ultrasonic waves with a free water surface (turbidity, approx. 60~50,000 mg/L)
Fluid Temperature 0 ~ +40℃
Applicable open Channel Open channels: Rectangular, Circular, etc. Closed Conduit
Dimensions of Circular type: Inner diameter φ250 ~ 5000mm
Dimensions of Rectangular. Width 250 ~ 5000mm
Measurement Range Flow velocity: -5 ~ +5 m/s 
Water level: 0 ~ 5000 mm
Measurement Accuracy Within ±3% of Full Scale
Main Unit Display LCD: 16 x 16 Characters 
Displayed items: Flow rate/ Totalized Flow/ Flow Velocity/ Water Level, 
Measurement Units. and Functions (at configuration) 
Power Supply AC90 ~ 132V, 180 ~ 264V, DC19 ~ 29V
Power Consumption Approx. 38VA (AC100V), approx. 58VA (AC240), Approx. 24W (DC24V) 
Output Signals Flow Rate: 4 ~ 20 mA DC (allowable resistance: less than 750Ω) 
Totalized Flow: Photo MOS Relay (Insulated) 
Flow Velocity: 4 ~ 20 mA DC (allowable resistance: less than 750Ω) 
Water Level: 4 ~ 20 mA DC (allowable resistance: less than 750Ω) 
Flow Velocity Meter Malfunction Warning: Photo MOS Relay (Insulated) 
Level Gauge Malfunction Warning: Photo MOS Relay (Insulated) 
Forward Flow Reverse Flow Discrimination: Photo MOS Relay (Insulated)
Ambient Temperature -10 ~ +50℃.
Ambient Humidity Less than 90% RH (non-condensation)
Main Unit Weight Approx. 16kg
Main Unit Dimensions W332 x H520 x D170 (including mounting bracket)
Options Multi Path Flow Velocity Measurement: Max. 4 Paths 
Level Measurement: Radar Level Gauge